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Who can participate?

Challenge Course Programming at WVU is open to everyone! Although the programming exists primarily to further the educational mission of WVU, all groups are welcome to participate! The programming offered through the challenge course is always educationally and developmentally focused and team oriented. As a result, any group that can identify educational and/or developmental goals for their time on the challenge course is a perfect fit!

The minimum size for a group coming to the Challenge Course is 10 participants. If your group is less than 10, you can still participate but will be required to pay for all 10 spots.

There is no maximum size for groups coming to the course. We will work with you to create an learning experience that meets your goals. This often involves creating smaller groups for some activities.

For more information on scheduling go here.

For a printable scheduling guide click here

How much does it cost?

Click here for Pricing Guide

How Long Does it Take?

The length of programming varies depending on several factors:

Ultimately, the length of programming is arrived at after looking at these factors and of course, outside time constraints. We will work with you to arrange the most effective programming!

What if I don’t like heights or am not an adventure sports kind of person?

Relax! This isn’t boot camp! The philosophy behind the inclusion of risk in education has nothing to do with forcing participants into uncomfortable situations. A great educator once said, “Nothing has ever been learned without a risk being involved.” Notice he didn’t say anything about learning requiring a terrifying experience.

The way we approach learning involves empowering participants to step outside of their comfort zone in order to stretch themselves and allow new learning to permeate. Since everyone has a different comfort zone, the best person to make choices about healthy levels of risk taking is YOU!

The bottom line is, challenge course experiences are designed for everyone, no previous experience required and no dare-devil affinity for heights necessary!

Groups often ask, “What if some of our participants don’t want to do the high elements?” To which we point out, “You don’t have to go up on a high element to participate in it!”

Why Should I participate?

Many of us go through our days and weeks in a routine. Routines are useful in that they can help us maximize our time and reduce confusion and uncertainties. One unfortunate side effect of our routines are that they can stifle creativity, excitement, and learning. Routines can have the effect of holding us back from learning and accomplishing new things.

Challenge Course programming is designed to help you step out of your comfort zones! The group oriented problem solving based experiences create opportunities to push up against your limits (and the limits of your group) in the areas of interpersonal and intrapersonal interactions. It is in the stretching of these limits that growth happens. As participants go back to their daily routine or begin new endeavors, the learning and experiences encountered on the course serve as a catalyst for changed behaviors and broadened perspectives.

Is it safe?

Challenge Course programming has a very strong safety record. A 20 year safety study conducted on challenge course programming confirmed that the overall accidental injury rate in the field is very low. That study identified an injury rate of 4.33 per million hours of program exposure. While that may not mean much to you, it may be helpful if compared to some sports you may be more familiar with. For example, Downhill skiing had an accident rate of 724 injuries per million hours of program exposure and soccer had 4500 injuries per million hours of program exposure. As you can see, participating in challenge course programming caries a very reasonable risk level.

What kinds of groups typically come?

Challenge Course programming is open to WVU students, faculty, and staff as well as the larger community. Past groups have included:

Our goal is to create high quality effective programming. Our needs assessment process is the tool that we use to tailor each experience to meet the needs of your group and provide a potentially ground breaking program.

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