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Team Development Course

The WVU Challenge Course is a multi-faceted programming facility designed to promote student learning and development. The Challenge Course is located in the University Research Forest which provides an optimal setting for reflective learning. The facility is comprised of 11 low challenge course elements and 3 high course elements which can be utilized individually or in sequence to meet the needs of the group.

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Low course activities focus on teambuilding and problem solving in a comfortable and controlled learning environment. High course activities also stimulate teamwork and problem solving but have the added component of an increased perceived risk. These belayed activities take place on one of our 3 unique high elements up to 50’ off the ground! Participant learning and growth is the focus of all challenge course programming. Trained facilitators create and maintain a safe learning environment and facilitate guided reflections on the experience. All programming incorporates a philosophy that encourages, but never forces participants to try each element and participate.

Lead Facilitator Josh Kudrna on the WVU Challenge Course

College of Media utilizes the WVU Challenge Course

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