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Educational Adventures


Zip-line Canopy Tour

Soar through the WVU University Forest and learn about the organisms and ecology all around you. Guided Tours include 4 zip-lines between 7 tree-based platforms, 1 sky bridge, 1 sky ladder & a 45 foot rappel.

Weight: 70-250 lbs.                 Length: 2.5 hrs.
Intensity: Exciting                   Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall
Andrew SBTS

Science Behind Zip-lines

Every student has wondered at some point -- “When am I ever going to actually use this stuff?” The Science of Riding a Zip Line program demonstrates how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) principles apply to real-world situations. No matter what your age or grade level may be, The Science of Riding a Zip Line program will help you understand the science and engineering principles related to calculating your maximum speed while riding a zip line.

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