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The WVU Challenge Course has 3 high ropes or “belayed” elements. These include the Alpine Tower, Giant Swing and Odyssey Course. Each of these elements provides a unique experience that can become a powerful catalyst for group and individual learning

The Alpine tower is a 50’ multi sided tower that can accommodate up to 6 climbers at one time. Climbers work toward to top of the tower while the belay (rope) team takes up the slack, keeping the climber safe. The tower can be facilitated so that climbers work together to reach a goal. Each route up the tower has multiple options for creating increasingly unique and challenging climbs. The Alpine tower is also a universal event meaning that the activities can be set up to accommodate participants with physical disabilities!

The Giant Swing presents participants with the opportunity to challenge the limits of their comfort zones, putting communication skills and teamwork to the test! This element involves an enormous participant initiated pendulum swing. The participant works with his/her group to decide how big they are willing to swing. The group assists the participant up to the determined height from which he/she swings with the pull of the rip cord!

The Odyssey is the workhorse of the WVU High Ropes Course. One of the key innovations in the challenge course industry, the Odyssey creates the ability for small groups to participate in high ropes problem solving elements. This removes the individuality and down time (some of the typical limitations of high ropes programming) while increasing the connection with peers and team orientation. That is after all the reason groups often participate in challenge course programming! In addition, the Odyssey course can accomodate up to 4 small groups of 8 at one time! The variety of activities and creative facilitation ensure that your group will experience and learn something new each time they climb up the cargo net and participate! Participants exit the course via the 100’ dual zip lines.